Damascus K-2 Behavior Management System

Students take responsibility for their own behavior in the classroom. Here's how it works: students have a clothespin with their name on it. The students' clothespins are attached to a yardstick, which is separated into colors including Green, Yellow, Red, and Brown. Students move their clothespin to a specific color (Green, Yellow, Red, or Brown) of the yardstick according to the behavior they are exhibiting. Every day students begin on green. If students forget to follow the classroom rules, they will be instructed to move their clothespin. Here is a list of the consequences each color represents: Green: Happy Zone, "Good Behavior", Yellow: Students lose 5 minutes of recess, Red: Students lose 10 minutes of recess, and Brown: Students lose 20 minutes of recess. At the end of each day, students will record what color they earned. Students will color the date on their monthly calendar, which is located in the back cover of their blue communication folder.

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