external image 21545566.jpgLanguage for Learning (Integrated into other curricular areas):
  • A literacy program designed to teach young learners who are getting ready to read: language, concepts, information, and knowledge that will be beneficial to them in a classroom setting as they are learning to read.
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external image 32924889.gifGuided Reading:

  • A process in which a small group of children with similar reading abilities read a story with the teacher. During Guided Reading, the children will learn skills at his or her instructional level (a level where they can read with help). The teacher will provide support and teach the students strategies to become independent readers. Students are evaluated on word recognition, fluency, comprehension, and other areas before moving to the next level.
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external image 10046141.jpgFundations / Fountas and Pinnell (Integrated Phonics Instruction):

  • Phonics programs where students explore four main types of information, each of which is essential for developing an efficient early reading process: phonemic awareness, letters and sounds, reading words, and early reading concepts.
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external image 32964789.gifKid Writing (Integrated with America's Choice):

  • A writing program to assist with reading and writing. Students work at their individual pace spelling words as they sound (phonetically). Through Kid Writing students apply letter skills and strategies using classroom resources (Kid Writing Wall, Word Wall, bulletin boards, etc.).
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external image 32863626.gifAmerica's Choice (Reading and Writing):

  • A research-based reading and writing program for students who are working on improving their reading and writing effectiveness and fluency. Students will learn four writing genres: Informational, Functional, Narrative, and Response to Literature/Author Study.
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external image 32752988.gifEveryday Mathematics:

  • A comprehensive Pre-K through 6th grade mathematics curriculum developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, and published by Wright Group/McGraw-Hill.
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external image 32907986.gifHarcourt School Publishers (HSP) Science

  • Students will learn a variety of science topics such as animals, plants, habitats, and our earth.
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