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Individual Student Behavior Incentives:

When individual students display positive behavior they receive a point on an incentive card. When each student accumulates ten points, they will have the opportunity to select a prize from the prize box.

Classroom Behavior Incentives:

When the entire class demonstrates appropriate behavior throughout the hallway, in the cafeteria, outside at recess, or at their special classes they will receive a star. When the class receives ten stars they will vote on having a wear your pajamas to school day, having extra recess, or watching a movie with popcorn. These fun activities will take place on a Friday afternoon to recognize the positive choices the students have made!

Cafeteria Behavior Incentives:

When students demonstrate appropriate behavior in the cafeteria (cleaning up after they eat, using inside voices, lining up quietly, etc.) the class receives a tally. When students receive five or ten tallies (depending on the time of the year), I join the class the following day for lunch outside!